The teacher reserves the right to amend the policies at any time.}


  1. Traditional lessons include participation in recitals, festivals, ensemble Olympics and other auditions in order to earn trophies and certificates at the end of the school year.  We will keep track of points earned for participation in all activities and in your lesson “grade” each week.
  2. Certificate:  Given to each student at the end of the year with ribbons commemorating each activity.
  3. Trophy: Presented to students at the Spring Recital for accrual of points of activities accomplished.  (A list of ways to earn points will be provided.)


The regular School session consists of 36 private lessons over a nine-month time span and are loosely based upon the school systems’ schedules and major religious holidays. (See section II, #3 below)

  1. Lesson Time: Each lesson will commence and end as scheduled, either on-line or in person.  No make-up or extension will be given beyond the allocated time for students who are late to lessons.  Extensions are only given if teacher is running behind schedule or if the teacher is experiencing technical difficulties on-line.
    1. Absences and Makeup Lessons:


  •  3 absences for illness or emergencies per school year are allowed with no penalty. Sporting events and/or parties, etc., do not constitute a necessary absence.
  • A 24-hour notice is required.
  • If you do not give notice and do not show up to a lesson either in person or on-line, that lesson is forfeited.

Makeup Lessons:  a.  are offered at the convenience of the teacher and can be done in person or on-line (e.g., using the Zoom platform.)  Only 3 makeup lesson are allowed per school year.  More than 3 lessons will be forfeited.

  • If you have an elevated temperature but feel well enough, we can do a Zoom on-line lesson at your regular lesson time. (See IV, #4 below)
  • All make-up lessons must be completed by the end of the Fall session and cannot be carried into the summer or over into the following year. Missed make-up lessons will be forfeited.
  • Make-up exceptions: Inclement weather.  2.  If you plan on being out of town during a Winter and Spring Break which does not coincide with the studio calendar.
  1. Summer Lessons: A minimum of four (4) lessons are required during the summer to keep in     The schedule is flexible.
  2. Group Piano Parties & MATFor (Music Appreciation & Theory Forum):: (Dates and times listed on calendar.): are held on one day between 2 and 4 times per year in lieu of 1 private weekly lesson. (see section IV-#6 and section V-#2c)
  3. Commitment: A one school year term commitment is required. Music is an art and playing piano takes time to learn.  Thirty (30) days written notice is required for termination without penalty.  A one-month lesson fee per student will be charged for not providing notice. (See section IV, #3)


  1. All materials must be brought to each lesson! That includes assignment notebooks and the assignments written or sent out each week.  It is very hard to teach out of a book that has not been brought to the lesson.  Even memorized materials should be brought each week until it is pronounced “finished.”
  2. Practice is NECESSARY. Everyone should try to schedule a minimum of 4 days each week to   practice and should not all be “crammed” into one day of practice.  However, practice can sometimes be flexible depending on other school, work, other commitments, etc.  Practice time also varies depending upon age, level, attention span of the student, and what repertoire is being prepared at certain times throughout the year.
  3. It takes a long period of time to develop the skill and coordination necessary to sound like an “expert” so please be patient with yourself! Learning music can give you life-long enjoyment!


  1. Student Recitals: A winter and spring recital are included on the calendar.  All students are required to participate.  Experience is the best source of confidence.  Please plan on attending the entire recital:  all performers have the right to a full audience.
  2. Senior Recital: Held for graduating high school seniors.
  3. Miscellaneous Recitals: Sponsored by Mu Phi Epsilon Music Fraternity; the Atlanta Music Club, etc. for more performance opportunities. These recitals are normally “by invitation” & not required.
  4. Ensemble Olympics Recitals: Sponsored yearly by NDMTA in either January or February.
  5. Festivals/Piano Competitions: All students are *required to participate in the Federation Festival and Guild each year. (*Exceptions may be made based on extreme individual cases.)You must be eligible for any other competitions such as: The Bach Competition, held on alternate years with the Sonata/Sonatina Competition; Georgia Music Teachers’ auditions, and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Examinations.
  6. Group Piano Parties & MATFor: (see section II-#4 and section V-#2c)
  7. Optional Music Camps: (Dates listed on calendar.) Sessions are usually Monday through Friday, concluding with a “mini-recital”. In certain cases, half-day and full-day camps are offered.  Some camp themes are: Discovery & Acting Camp; Piano Camp; Composition & Theory Camp; Ensemble Camp; and Patriotic Camp.  Benefits: reinforces music skills while having fun with peers at the same time; allows more concentrated study of note-reading, rhythm, sight-reading, listening, music history; and ensemble playing than is possible in a normal lesson.
  8. Optional “Field Trips”: Occasionally we may go the Atlanta Symphony, etc. together for fun!


(Please make all checks out to: ‘Leslie Kennedy’ or you may use the Venmo app to pay.)

  1. Registration: a yearly per person non-refundable registration fee is due upon commencement of lessons; and the last week of lessons for the upcoming school year.
  2. Tuition:
  • School Session Tuition: 45 minutes or hourly lessons per person per week for 36 weeks, are paid in equal increments each month from August through April each school year.  (Lessons run from August to May, but you do not pay for May lessons as they have already been “averaged into the other 36 weeks.  For example, some months may only have 2 weeks, depending on holidays and some may have as many as 5 weeks.

*Tuition Levels: 1. Super Deluxe Early Bird Special:  must be paid the last week of the current month for the upcoming month.  2. Early Bird Special: add $5.00 more (of Super Deluxe Early Bird Special).  Must be paid by the 1st week of the current month.  3.  Normal Lesson Tuition:  $10.00 (of Super Deluxe Early Bird Special).  Can be paid the 2nd week through the last week of the current month.

  • Summer Tuition: Each student is required to take a minimum of four (4) lessons in the summer. Payment is a one-month fee.  Payment for each additional lesson over 4 lessons is divided equally and is due at the commencement of summer lessons. (See II., #3 below)
  • Group Piano Parties & MATFor (Music Appreciation & Theory Forum): (Dates and times listed on calendar.): are held on one day between 2 and 4 times per year in lieu of 1 private weekly lesson (except Recital months) to help develop camaraderie and allow students to become more comfortable performing in a casual atmosphere among their peers.  All students must come to the studio or may participate on Zoom if  they cannot physically be in the studio. 24 hours notice is required if you will be absent from the event so that groups can be rearranged if necessary. No makeups will be given if you are absent.  (See II., #4 below)

3. Activity/Materials Account Fee: A yearly fee, due at the first lesson of the year is put into a special account to help defray the cost of music, materials, festivals, etc.

  • Money will be deducted each time used. A bill, payable upon receipt, will be due if you exceed the yearly amount.
  • Any leftover money at the end of the year may be applied for the next year’s activity fee or may be refunded.  (Cannot be applied to next year’s fall registration due to bookkeeping.)
  • Incorrect tuition payments will be deducted from the Activity/Materials Account. (See section V, #2, a [Tuition levels])


  1. Students are not allowed to eat or chew gum at lessons.
  2. Hands should be washed and fingernails clipped prior to arriving at the lesson.
  3. In a pandemic situation, all CDC guidelines should be followed if lessons are in-person.
  4. If you have a fever, please stay home and we can do a lesson on-line.
  5. Please be respectful: have good behavior and a positive attitude.
  6. Always try your best!
  7. It is okay if you are not able to do something correctly the first time! That’s where PRACTICE comes in! (see section III-#2)