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The Dynamic Music! ~ Kennedy Studio, LLC offers group piano lessons for all ages and skill levels from ages 6 to adult. All group lessons are done in the studio. Students come to 45-minute classes each week during the school year (August-May), with holiday breaks in the Winter and in the Spring. (Summer group lessons are also offered.) A calendar of holiday breaks and activities are sent out at the beginning of the piano year.

In certain instances, parents may be enlisted to stay during the group lesson to assist younger students. Group lessons are comprised of 3 to 6 students. There are several acoustic and digital pianos in the studio that students use. To help learning, we also play music games, do rhythm activities with percussion instruments, do movement, and use apps.

While taking group piano lessons, beginning through intermediate students learn how to read music notation, learn about theory, do rhythm skills, and learn about improvisation in a relaxed atmosphere.

Performance opportunities include performing in two recitals per year, as well as playing in the Ensemble Olympics (sponsored by the North DeKalb Music Teachers’ Association) and playing at Piano Parties (two per year). Each Spring, there is even the opportunity to participate in the National Federation of Music Clubs’ Festival which is a non-competitive audition! The Festival awards ratings from 5 points to 1 point to earn gold cups.

People thrive in group lessons because there is a camaraderie and socialization component that develops among everyone, as well as some good-natured competition! There is also less pressure when learning a new skill. Students also gain confidence playing in front of other people. Teamwork and ensemble playing are also motivating factors in a group lesson!

Teenagers also thrive in a group setting because there is less pressure, too. They gain confidence in performing in front of other people. Teen group lessons are geared to learning ensemble music and classical solo repertoire and “pop” music. Since some teens are busy with school and work, we also offer group lessons where practice is not even required! But, in most instances, peer pressure does motivate them to practice a little bit!

The same goes for adults in group lessons: we gear the lessons so that the adults do not have to practice, either! And once again, “peer” pressure spurs busy adults to practice some, too. In group piano lessons, we end each week with snacks and goodies so we can socialize! Adults also gain confidence in performing in front of each other. Sometimes, the adults participate in the yearly recitals that the studio holds!

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