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Dynamic Music! Summer Camps: A Quick Overview
We offer a variety of camps each summer including: Music Discovery & Acting, Piano Camp, Theory & Composition Camp, Ensemble Camp, Patriotic Camp, Music History Camp, and Performing Arts/Musical Theatre. Not all camps are offered each summer depending on demand.

There are several benefits in common with each type of Music Camp: They all reinforce music skills while having fun with peers at the same time; help bridge the gap between summer and fall lessons; allow concentrated study of note-reading, rhythm, sight-reading, listening, playing in ensembles, composition, and learning more about music history than is possible in a normal lesson. They also involve movement; music appreciation; and listening. Skills are developed and creativity is reinforced by composing, doing arts and crafts related to what we are learning, and writing original skits. The camps are a great opportunity to further your knowledge of music in a relaxed, fun atmosphere with friends! Last, but not least, It is LOTS OF FUN!

Dynamic Music! – Music Discovery & Acting Camp (No Experience) (Half or Full Day available)

The Dynamic Music! Discovery & Acting Camp is for students with no previous formal instruction on any instrument. It is a good opportunity to discover whether you would be interested in taking lessons in the future with any instrument, (from any teacher). It is all-encompassing and consists of learning fun songs which we sing, dance, and play with percussion instruments. We do fun activities such as acting in skits, too. A Music Appreciation segment is included. So, if you know any of your friends who are aspiring musicians, please spread the word – this is the camp for them!

Dynamic Music! – Piano Camp (Piano Only) (Half or Full Day available)

This camp gives you a well-rounded experience overall with several activities, including doing art projects with a musical theme. Some other activities include playing different types of music games (such as board games and theory games) with the whole group. We also break into small groups or have private lesson, explore music history, and learn fun facts about composers. We play in piano ensembles and make up skits and stories. The last day of the camp, we present a recital for the parents & friends.

Dynamic Music! – Theory & Composition Camp (All Instruments) (Half Day Only available)

The Dynamic Music! Theory & Composition Camp is more in-depth and concentrates on only composition and theory than a typical piano camp might provide. We learn how to use music software such as Musescore, Finale, and other apps. We ‘publish’ a book as a souvenir with everyone’s compositions from the week and present a “Composer Showcase” of our work to the parents/siblings and friends on the last day. We invite everyone to join us for “gallery time” and follow it with a recital where we perform some of our favorite compositions!

Dynamic Music! – Ensemble Camp (All Instruments) (Half or Full Day available)

The Dynamic Music! Ensemble Camp focuses primarily on learning how to play ensemble music, including band or orchestral instruments, Boomwhackers, percussion instruments, and piano and guitar ensembles, for example. Duets, trios, quartets, and quintets are formed in this one-week camp. We create our own “backing tracks” on digital pianos using fun sound effects! Each day, campers have sessions with their group to learn their music. A recital is presented on the last day for our parents and friends.

Dynamic Music! ~ Patriotic Camp (All Instruments) (Half or Full Day available)

The Dynamic Music! Patriotic Camp takes place the week of 4th of July. This camp concentrates on Patriotic music. We learn to sing, dance, and play patriotic songs and do activities with them, including art projects. We also build a float for the Dunwoody 4th of July Parade and perform in the parade on July 4th! Parents get involved in the act, too, helping us make the float and going with us on the float. We throw candy out to the spectators along the route! We play the songs we have learned throughout the week using instruments and a digital piano with amplifiers and microphones. We celebrate 4th of July with a picnic at the end of the parade! Even if you don’t go to the camp, everyone is invited to help make the float on July 3rd and participate in the parade with us! This is one of the highlights of summer!

Dynamic Music! ~ Music History and Appreciation Camp (All Instruments) (Half or Full Day available)

The Music History camp delves into lives of composers from each era of music history. We learn fun facts about composers like Beethoven’s favorite food to eat was macaroni and cheese! We learn to play some of the composers’ pieces, sing silly words made up to their classical music, do listening activities, play games and do movement to help remember themes of the composers. Sometimes we do skits about different composers, so there is an acting component to this camp, too. For the culmination of the week, we might present a skit or recital for the parents, siblings, and friends!

Dynamic Music! ~ Performing Arts/Musical Theatre Camp (All Instruments) (Full Day Only available)

In this camp, we perform a variety of musicals! This is an intense, fun-filled week that begins each day with a drama game/warmup activity. We learn how to project our voices and memorize a script, play songs on instruments to accompany singing and dancing, and make costumes and props and build a set! Each person gets a private lesson to help learn their song on their instruments. Everyone is coached on dances, acting and memorizing their part of the script, and playing instruments. We learn how to “block” a scene and learn theatre terminology. A field trip is taken each day (weather permitting), such as swimming, bowling, laser tag, etc. The last day of camp we do a dress rehearsal run-through of the musical. It is then time for the curtain to fall at the end of the day for our family and friends to come see our play!

Dynamic Music! ~ Virtual Camp 2021 (Half Day Only available)

Due to the pandemic, this camp is now in development and is being offered on-line for 2021. The camp will be half day only for one week. More details will be forthcoming on the activities we will do, but it’s sure to be lots of fun!

Dynamic Music! Theory and Composition Camp (Monday, June 7- Friday, June 11, 2021 from 10:00am-1:00pm daily)

Everyone will need to have access to a computer with the free version of Musescore downloaded and another device so that we can do Zoom. We will do games and write a lot of compositions, just like we do at an in-person camp. We will present a “Composer Showcase” recital of our work for the parents, siblings, and friends on Friday. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write a song, this is a fun camp you’ll be interested in doing!

Dynamic Music! – John Williams Online Adventure camp, where we will learn about American film composer and legend, John Williams (Monday, June 21-Friday, June 25, 2021 from 10:00am-1:00pm daily for all levels)

We will learn about Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Harry Potter and more! We will play piano and learn the theme songs and do some raps and other activities. We will present camp recital of the movies for the parents, siblings and friends on Friday. If you love these great theme songs, this is the camp to explore Download


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